Powder equipment

Powder equipment is the key equipment for crushing materials after they are broken.It is widely used in non-ferrous metal processing mines and in the grinding of crop materials in the chemical and building materials industries.However, when we use it, it is inevitable that the reducer will be toothed, which will affect the efficiency of industrial production. So what measures should we take to deal with this phenomenon?
  Treatment measures for toothing of powder equipment reducer:
  ① Correct the parameters of the gears in the reducer of the equipment, re-map and correct the spiral angle and modulus of the gears to ensure that the parameters of the gears are accurate in order to process accurately, improve the coincidence of the gears and the smoothness of transmission, thereby improving the carrying capacity of the gears.
  ②The optimization of the maintenance plan, because the online gear has been partially worn out or partially failed, the contact condition is not good when the new gear is engaged with it.In order to ensure the normal meshing of the gears, it should be arranged to be assembled in a table and fully run together.Through running and closing, the contact area of the teeth can be improved, the tooth surface finish and contact accuracy can be improved, local stress can be eliminated, and the surface surface of the teeth hardened by cold work can be formed, thereby improving the bearing capacity of the gear and prolonging its service life.
  ③Formulate a reasonable heat treatment process. The bending resistance of the tooth root depends on the organization. Through quenching and strengthening, the ability to resist bending and deformation can be improved, thereby extending the life of the gear; in order to ensure that the gear can support the contact load for a long time and avoid premature crushing and deformation. Introduce additional loads, it is necessary to redesign the reasonable thickness of the tooth surface quenching reinforcement layer.
  ④Strictly control the processing quality. When designing and manufacturing gears of ball mill equipment, attention should be paid to the importance of rounded corners of the tooth roots to ensure a smooth transition without causing additional stress concentration; improve the processing and manufacturing accuracy so that the load is evenly distributed and the dynamic load coefficient is reduced to obtain good overall and mechanical properties.
  Since powder equipment is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, black and non-ferrous metal mineral processing, glass ceramics and other production industries, in order to ensure its normal operation, it is necessary to detect problems early when using it and take corresponding measures to improve the efficiency of industrial production.